Global Warming : A Significant Issue Essay

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Global Warming

Teya Sharir

Social Studies 11
Mr. Dignum

Global warming is a significant issue, which could cause numerous negative effects on Canada. This could include severe damaging to the environment, along with the endangerment of the health of future generations. Climate change is not only harmful and could produce a few beneficial impacts as well including increasing the farm and agriculture production, and assisting the health of Canadians as the temperatures increase. The government of Canada has both effectively reduced the effects of global warming, as well as negatively contributed to this world issue. ADD MORE?

Global warming is already having a major effect on Canada’s resources, and is jeopardizing the health of future generations to come.
Climate change will have a significant impact on the resources all over the world, and would cause a decline in the availability of drinking water. With a decrease in drinking water, the power supply productions would suffer and negatively impact electricity generation (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2011). Canada’s forests are already experiencing the negative effects of climate change. For example, the mountain pine beetle, which flourishes in warmer weather, has killed over half of British Columbia’s lodgepole pine already, and is expected to have killed a greater amount in the near future (Hot Air, pg. 4). In order to wipe out the beetles,…

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