Essay about Global Warming : A Natural Occurrence

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BM6 Global Warming
Although you might not think global warming is a big deal but what if I was to prove you wrong? Scientist studied for hundreds of years about global warming,but some people criticize millions of scientist for global warming but it is caused from nature therefore its a natural occurrence. Global warming should be viewed as a natural occurrence. Issue#1:History temperatures decline: the planet in 2014 was the warmest in 135 years of record keeping US climatologists said.Averages in that year were 1.24 degrees higher than 20th century average of about 57 according to the National Climatic Data Center nudging out 2005 and 2010 by a mere 0.07 degrees. Believe it or not Global warming is not due to human contribution of carbon dioxide co2 no doubt passive acceptance yields less stress fewer personal attacks and makes career progress easier. “WHAT I have experienced in my personal life during the last years makes me understand why most people choose not to speak out.” Man really made global warming happen because it was humans who created the idea and proved independent of nature that humans activity was the cause. The unnatural that to is nature such as the facts that people living in the village think they know what is going on with all weather changes so men really did create global warming. Global warming describes why IPCC claims only part of global IPCC means international panel on climate change. earths atmosphere contains natural greenhouse gases mostly…

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