Global Warming : A Man Made Catastrophe Or A Natural Cycle? Essay

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Is global warming a man-made catastrophe or a natural cycle? Scientists have usually agreed on the fact that the earth has elevated in temperature over the past 20,000 years from the last the last major ice event, but the true controversy comes from when they try to figure out why the warming is happening.
There are two major thoughts on why this is occurring
• Increasing the atmospheric concentration of the gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This is usually done by human’s industrial activities that emit this gas in the air causing it to trap long wave radiation reflected from the earth surface increasing the heat that is in the atmosphere. This is the man made global warming.
• The other form is that the earths solar radiation and earths motion cycles cause the atmosphere to naturally warm up causing the temperature to rise. This is the natural cycle.
No matter what the reason the earth will always change in temperature, globally and regionally. You can split it up into two categories, the long term which is in the millions of years usually caused by the major geological changes in earth like plate tectonics, volcanoes, and sometimes the solutions of certain types of rocks. Then there is the short term, the earth can change temperature due to the cycles of earths motions with the sun, moon, the wobble on the axis, and the different variations with solar radiation.

The different cycles of earths motions insure that the amount of solar radiation that it gets varies…

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