Global Warming : A Leading Environmental Problem Essay

850 Words Mar 30th, 2015 4 Pages
From the beginning of the 21st century global warming has been a leading environmental problem. As population dramatically increases across the world, it results in a rapid use of the earth’s natural resources for energy. The majority of energy produced in this era is through the process of global warming. With the increase in population the vast amount of electricity is often abused and overlooked as it creates an exceeding amount of greenhouse gases to contribute to global warming. With many types of global warming, fossil fuels is the biggest contributor to our downfall. There are many alternatives to reduce the amounts of global warming, however, solar energy is the most beneficial. With the current climate crisis revolving around earth, it’s inevitable that global warming must be reduced to prevent the extinction of man-kind. Firstly, as population rapidly excels the amount of energy is abused and ignored as it is the top contributor to global warming (“EPA,” 2013). It is clear that energy throughout certain countries are abused and neglected even though the population is smaller. In 2008 America consumed over 100.6 quadrillion British Thermal Units with a population of 304.1 million. This shows excessive amounts of energy used for such low population compared to China where the population is almost 5 times as much at 1.325 billion and using 85 quadrillion British Thermal units (“Gridovate,” 2013). This clearly shows how people are taking advantage of the earth’s…

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