Global Warming : A Human Security Issue Essay

838 Words Dec 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Nearly every environmental issue is a human security issue. No matter what issue it is whether it is global warming, pollution, or poor air quality it still will affect humans negatively. Humans have basic needs to be able to survive such as clean water, food, and shelter from the elements. Without access to these then it would become a human security issue because it would cause many humans to die. Humans need to feel safe in their environment, humans should not fear for their lives due to causes such as poor environmental conditions.
Humans share this planet with many other species and if one species is in trouble due to the environment, then all the species are in trouble because it will affect the needs of many organisms. The number of species living on Earth is called biodiversity. If Earth did not have any biodiversity then there would be no living organisms, biodiversity is good for the planet. With biodiversity we are able to cross-breed plants to cause them to become more resistant to diseases and organisms that would have a negative effect on the plants. Cross-breeding also helps us find medicine to fight off diseases around the world (Payne,2013). If the world did not have biodiversity, this would be a human security issue because humans would have no way of fighting off common diseases which would cause many humans to die, which would be a global epidemic. Humans realize that we do in fact need to save species in order to be able to create medicinal substances to…

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