Global Warming : A Global Issue Essay examples

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Climate change is quickly becoming a global issue. This phenomenon has been linked to the current drought in East Africa, extreme rainfall in France, and the steady incline of the global surface temperature. Predictions have forecasted a grave future for the world if current climate trends continue. Multitudes of people will be displaced and natural resources will be wiped out. Specifically studying the United States, climate change would adversely influence its infrastructure. America’s national security groundwork will be affected through the weakening of its military resources and the inevitable chaos from the citizens of the country, allowing a chance for adversaries to attack America in its weakest state. Therefore, America needs to have a set strategy in order to maintain national security in this future time of crisis, while maintaining peace and humanitarian relations with other countries. Climate change, as defined by NASA, is the “change in the typical average weather of a region or city.” This variation could involve average precipitation levels or differences in average temperature levels. Climate is not the same thing as weather. Climate changes over a long period of time, while weather changes over short period of time, such as a few hours. Climate change is what the United States should be concerned about. The global surface temperature is slowly climbing, and NASA reports that the temperature has increased by almost one degree. Although this change seems…

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