Essay on Global Warming : A Climate Change

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In today’s generation, the Earth is experiencing a climate change that is significantly changing the way humans, animals, and plants live and function. Due to global warming, temperatures on Earth are rising and it’s affecting life on land and in the ocean. During the 18th century of the Industrial Revolution, there was an increase in factories to help with manufacturing. Even though this improved the production of manufactured goods, the factories burned fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas, which released a chemical known as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In today’s society, humans rely on the burning of fossil fuels in their everyday use such as to drive their vehicles, heat their homes, power industries, and provide electricity. However, as we increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it starts to trap in heat from the energy of the sun, which makes the planet warmer known as global warming. Global warming can lead to a myriad of problems in the environment that can affect the way humans, Arctic animals, and sea creatures live.
One effect of global warming is that it changes the way humans live. High temperatures and humidity can result in heat waves. If the temperature stays the same or does not cool down at night, this can be dangerous to human health and can lead to death (“Global Warming Effects,” 2011). According to the National Resource Defense Council (n.d.), thousands of people around the world die due to heat waves. Young children, elderly, and…

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