Global Upheavals And Global Integration Essay

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Global Upheavals to Global Integration
“War. What is it good for?” is a question asked by Motown artist Edwin Starr. His answer is, “absolutely nothing.” Although most would agree there is a very high cost associated with war, few would argue that wars and conflict have greatly shaped the world as it is today. This paper will examine some of the major conflicts in the world since the beginning of the twentieth century and how globalization has emerged from them.
The balance of power in Europe set the stage for the first major conflict of the twentieth century. Much of the worlds’ might was split into two separate alliances: the Triple Alliance, composed of Germany, Austria and Italy, and the Triple Entente, made up of Russia, Britain and France. These alliances ultimately pulled these nations, and ultimately most of the world, into conflict after the assassination of Austrian, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. On July 28, 1914, with a promise of German support Austria declared war on Serbia kicking of the Great War, or what would later be called World War I, (Judge 724). In 1917, American joined what was no longer a conflict limited to a single continent, but was the first major demonstration that war could be waged on a global scale. Although the war was global in scope, Europe paid a heavy price, “The conflict’s crushing impact had fallen mostly on Europe, which at the close of 1918 lay demoralized, devastated, and in many ways transformed, (Judge 743.) Peace had once again…

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