Global Terrorism And The Islamic State Essay

1837 Words Dec 15th, 2016 8 Pages
When it comes to global terrorism, there is one forerunner that has not only become a problem within the countries it occupies, but also for western countries and leaders. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has become one of the main terrorist organizations of the 21st century, as it has introduced an advance use of terrorism in both local and international areas; and has become a presence in social media. It is not only important to understand the history of the Islamic State, but also its framework and resources for battling those in opposition of the group. In understanding the key goals, organizational structure, and the various resources the terrorist group has, a policy for countering the organizations attacks and presence will be able to both effect and clear. The following memo will display a brief history of ISIS and its connection to other terrorist organization and members, as well as financial and resource backers, and present the organizational structure of the group. In the later portion of the memo, there will be presented policy ideas as to what counterterrorism strategies the new Trump administration may use.
II. History of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria
In order to begin to understand the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) it is important to understand how the group both formed, and evolved into the terrorist group they are today. One can begin the history of ISIS in the conflicts arising in the country of Jordan. In mid-1999, an Islamic radical…

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