Essay about Global Supply Network Risks By Using Apple Inc

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1. Introduction
Global supply network management is a complex business function that requires the focus company to manage multiple supply chain partners around the world. It is easy to identify that global supply chains may have more opportunities to meet specific challenges and risks comparing with domestic supply chains, such as culture shocks with suppliers and longer delivery time (Mollenkopf, 2010). Thus, the aim of this report is to analyse some global supply network risks by using Apple Inc. as a case study. In the first part of this report, Apple’s supply network will be break down into several parts and a potential risk analysis will be allocated for each part. Then, the degree of circularity and some suggestions for Apple to improve its supply network presence will be provided.

2. Company Overview
Apple Inc. was established in 1977 in California, US. It is a global company which designs, manufactures and sells PCs, digital music players, smartphones and other related products (Apple, 2014). According to Apple’s global supply network structure, the raw materials are mainly from US, Europe, China and other Asian countries. Next, all these materials will be sent to an assembly centre in China. After that, there will be two moving directions of these products. One way is to direct deliver products to customers who have already ordered products online. Then, the rest products will be stocked in Apple’s warehouse in California. Once Apple stores and other retailers…

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