Global South Or Third World Essay

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The terminology, “periphery, Global South or Third world has come to refer to the relations between the very poor countries and developing ones. The theoretical approach here is the comparative world-systems perspective that analyzes global inequalities as a world-historically constructed hierarchy, an inter-societal stratification system. This global inter-societal hierarchy evolved out of the rise of European societies to power over the rest of the world and it continues to exist despite the decolonization of the Americas, Asia and Africa. This hierarchy is socially constituted and institutionally reproduced but they are also repeatedly used interchangeably.
The terms “Periphery”, “Global South or Third world” are implicit metaphor which describes and attempts to explain the structural relationship between a set of people either within a particular country, or at the international level. For example, China and India would be classified as part of Global South, but not periphery. Although they are similar but they are not identical set of people, this paper sets out to align how and why they differ, (15042). The third world is a term/phrase that existed during the cold war, which used to describe the non-participants in the cold war. The first world was referred to US led western block, while second world referred to the Soviet Union led Communist bloc. Every other countries that weren’t in these blocs, were referred to as the “Third World”. The Third World was normally…

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