Essay about Global Recognition or Africa’s Liberation ?

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Global Recognition or Africa’s liberation ?
I recently read an interesting piece by Theodore T. Hodge titled ‘From OAU to AU: Same Old Lady, New Dress’. According to Hodge; African leaders can begin to tackle the problems of their own people when they stop playing politics at the expense of human misery. The major focus of the piece was primarily on how these leaders protect each other, no matter the circumstances and call it ‘the principle of state sovereignty’. Although Theodore T. Hodge was extremely uncharitable with his choice of words in a diplomatic sense I strongly believe he dealt with the pertinent issues he wanted to focus on.

A little over a week ago, Ghana came out to join other nations in giving recognition to the
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They have done nothing, in this case, perhaps aside taking the back seat and watching from afar like it exist somewhere space and once in a while sending signals that, ‘peace should prevail”. That’s not serious for me. Not for an organization seeking Africa’s unity. The same people we have entrusted our total independence. Such toothless entities clouded with sheer greed and national jealousy, every nation wanting to be “greater” and the west pouching it so hard. Our leaders are just confused or maybe intimidated.

Of course I do not begrudge those who are of the view that Ghana rushed into giving recognition to the NTC. It is evidently clear that they might be saying this based on what certain aspects of Ghana’s foreign policy posits.

However in the same vein it is necessary to come to the realization that Muammar Gaddafi has been overthrown-his people were literally sacking him from power- and life must go on. Libya need to rebuild, the people need to live once again as a country. And it is about time Africa wakes up to provide the needed support in ensuring that this dream is realized.

Ghana’s friendship with Libya dates far back and the reign of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi over the last forty-two years saw this friendship move to very enviable heights. As it stands now Gaddafi is nowhere to be found, heard the English and French are in search of him but Libyans are looking forward to a new leader

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