Global Poverty And Its Effects On The World And The Goal Of Ending Poverty

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At least half of the global population live in poverty with half of this population living in complete destitution, living on a dollar a day and at risk of death by starvation or disease. One billion people live without access to safe drinking water and two billion people live with no sanitation. (Ukpere, 2014) Global poverty is an increasing problem in the world and the goal of ending poverty is elusive. Solutions to poverty cannot be based exclusively on economic policies as there are both monetary or monetary plus non-monetary components of poverty such as hunger, disease, lack of education, government corruption or natural disasters which contribute to the problems that make the lives of those living in poverty more difficult than those living in the developed world. There isn’t a singular answer for ending poverty and no one person or organisation are going to be successful in ending it, however a comprehensive set of well-coordinated macro economic policies including free trade, fair trade and foreign aid are ways that the poverty can be tackled in the developing world.

One of the most beneficial aspects of fair trade is that it opens the markets of economies worldwide, enabling developing countries, in particular, to trade fairly with countries that are developed. (Amin, 2004) This has benefits for both the developing nations and those that are already developed in that while it provides developed countries with somewhere to invest their money, it also creates…

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