Global Perspective In Social Work

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Professionals go into the social work field because they have the passion to fight for another individual’s human rights and justice. It is often forgotten that every human being in the world has human rights, but no matter where you go, people are denied their human rights and considered disposable. In a world that has a vast amount of cultures and customs, it is pertinent that social workers become aware of the diversity that exists. Social workers are expected to be culturally competent, empathetic, and sensitive to those that might be different from themselves. Social workers serve as instruments to change the lives of people in mirco, meso, and macro settings. Social workers, especially those who are therapists or case managers, need to …show more content…
Social work is a unique and indispensable practice because it is responsive to the social, political, economic, and cultural conditions of the countries in which it is practiced. (Cox & Pawar, 2006, p. 23). Social workers that want to be therapists, case managers or anyone working one-on-one with someone else should receive training or education regarding international social work. Having a global perspective will not only help social workers learn to be more in tuned to themselves, but it will support their connection with their clients. The skills that social workers can learn from other countries would be invaluable to their practice. Social workers that are aware of the privatization of goods and the policies that are being implemented in disadvantaged countries could be a stepping-stone for social workers to become part of something bigger. Social workers should not only be leaders of change in their local neighborhoods, but also for the vulnerable and oppressed around the world. Having a global perspective will help social workers become well rounded in the field and make a bigger impact on the lives of

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