Global Mindset Inventory Assessment

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Looking back on my semester, and my Global Mindset Inventory Assessment I can say based off of the parameters I set for myself, I could have been a lot better about ensuring that I achieve my goals and objectives. However, I think that by acknowledging the areas where I was the weakest/lacked the certain skillset needed, allowed for me to still have some personal growth in these areas. In my Assessment Plan, I had chosen to work on my Cosmopolitan Outlook (2.71), Interpersonal Empathy (2.83) and Global Business Savvy skills (1.38). I had originally chosen theses skills, because they were ones that I scored the lowest in, but also because I found them to be the ones that provided the best opportunity for personal growth in myself across my scoresheet. …show more content…
I found that beyond what I was able to learn due to the nature of the course, I really didn’t put too much effort into obtaining more concrete knowledge of major political/current events that were taking place around the world. Although, due to the nature of my other course material and the actual research I had conducted I was able to gain some more information on the historical, and geographical aspects of differing cultures and societies. As far as my ability to develop my Global Business Savvy score, although I did read a few books on International Business I still don’t feel like I achieved enough to have a solid foundation on the nature of international business strategies, nor am I knowledgeable out supplier options. However, due to the material presented in class I do feel more knowledgeable and prepared to asses risk of doing business internationally at least on the grounds of how to effectively manage people on an international team. Alternatively, when assessing the improvement on my Interpersonal Empathy score according to the guidelines I set for myself I would say that I sort of achieved them. I was able to consistently commit to volunteering with CCSJ throughout most of the semester, although I failed at keeping that up in the last few weeks. However, if I evaluate myself according to my goal for taking on more leadership roles, I would say that I was decently successful in this dimension. I base my success on the fact that I not only was able to volunteer to lead an entire two and half hour class in discussion on the assigned readings, but I also became a Board Member for the BSA Fashion Show, which was not a club I had previously been affiliated with prior to this course. I had been looking for opportunities to grow as a leader and I had welcomed the challenge as I knew it would push

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