Global Marketing Case Study: Black Diamond Products In Greece

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Global Marketing Assignment
Name of the company:
Black diamond
Sector of dealings:
Sports equipment
Selected country:
1. Critical analysis and evaluation of company based on PESTLE:
Black diamond is a sports equipment manufacturing company. If it is going to launch and introduce its products in Greece then there are a lot of factors which are going to affect all that. These factors include political, economical, sociological, technological, legal and environmental ones. Greece has an average GDP of $22000 per capita which clearly shows that it comes under type of higher middle income countries. Its exports comprise of $524 million annually. This makes up 10% of the total exports. Its economic system is market capitalism where the resources
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This is due to the fact that Greeks have always paid a lot of attention towards the arts and designing of items. This has made this thing a permanent rule of liking anything. So in order to make people use more products, Black Diamond will have to make such products which are technically advanced as well as capable of catching the attention of the people looking for such sports items.
The literacy rate of Greece is very high. This indicates the presence of well educated people in this country. If the people of country are well educated then a good sense of awareness regarding sports is expected to be present among citizens of that country. Also owing to the consistent sports fanning culture of Greece, more demand of sports good is quite predictable. Black Diamond must include this fact in notice while planning a strategy for manufacturing of sorts goods.
Greece has a high long term orientation index which is a clear indicative of long lasting beneficial relationships between the companies. If Black Diamond is going to seek a partner or share holder in establishing the business in Greece then this is going to be very beneficial from business point of view. Proper advantage of that situation must be taken in order to benefit fully from the
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This is a clear indicative of reduced feminity index in Greece. This means the culture will favor the men to follow sports more than the women. This will result in the increased demand of the men sports goods where as a reduced demand rate of woman sports products. Black Diamond Company will have to maintain a balance between the productions of these two items while at the same time keeping the production of goods according to the target of the day.
There exists a great competition between all sort of industry in Greece due to its recent development and advancements towards favorable industrial changes. This has resulted in a strong competition among the companies. Black Diamond will have to produce such quality and high end sports goods which are capable of competing and defeating the rival sports goods already present in the sales market. This can be accomplished by implementing a proper quality control section at the sports good manufacturing plant which is capable of maintaining strict quality checks.
3. The development of marketing information system

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