Global Marketing And The Countries That Are Suitable For Market Globalization

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Global marketing has become one of the most important concepts of many organizations, firms and companies worldwide. Technology and communication have effectively reformed business marketing, processes and strategies on a global level. Business organizations are unremittingly developing and cultivating their marketing programs to meet the needs of their consumers and serve them across international territories. This paper seeks to discuss the concept of global marketing and the countries that are suitable for market globalization. Belgium, China, and France are all suitable countries to expand the Son of Jack retail brand. These countries hold a high ranking for successful global marketing within the retail sphere.
Son of Jack is an American retail corporation headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. It operates solely in the United States but is looking to globally expand its brand into the Belgium, China and France retail markets. Son of Jack’s inventory primarily entails women 's fashion apparel, footwear, accessories, and housewares; catered to women with a bohemian, retro and vintage flare. Son of Jack’s target market is women aged 21 to 40. Their merchandise is sold directly to customers through their home base store, websites, mobile app and catalog. Son of Jack is seeking to market globally to build international relationships, expand their market and establish a solid brand reputation.
The Belgium market is Son of Jack’s first choice for expansion. Belgium is highly…

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