Global Market Segments Of Interest Essay

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Most if not all companies want growth and improved sales. Moving into the global economy through a worldwide marketing and sales initiative is one way to increase our market size. The market may change drastically internationally and further research must be done to continue successful ventures by analyzing the global market segments of interest. That being said if Alarm Buddy were to consider taking advantage of a global environment we must realize the difference in culture, working environment, and laws that govern that specific locale. Global marketing usually goes through two phases: a rapid growth phase and a slower growth phase. Understanding the global segments of interest, culture, laws and the aforementioned phases is integral for a successful global marketing campaign and growth.
Culture, Environment, and Laws Since the last ten years of the 20th century there has been a drastic increase in communication speed free financial flows and ability to effectively transport goods over long distances (Sherlekar, & Sherlekar, 2010, p. 26). These abilities have pushed many companies to increase their market by taking on the global market. Competing in a global market is significantly different in many ways the three major differences are in culture, working environment and laws. Each of these differences can alter the efficacy of the marketing plan and the success of the venture as a whole. In Mexico for instance they have very hard labor laws pertaining to firing an…

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