Global Limited Is An International Organization Essay

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Global Limited is an international organization that has been taking a defensive approach to information security and is now looking for a better strategy to protect its most valuable assets. In order for information security to be provided to their customers, Global Limited has applied the risk management approach so their client’s information is well protected. An organizations key asset is information, but many of the security practices have not yet provided suitable protection. A lot of where the problem lies is people see the security approach that is designed to prevent bad things which can cause some areas to be good, but other areas to fail. Global Limited has called upon the expertise of CIS, its own security division to help with its security transformation. Tracking data across the enterprise is the first step in the approach to understand which information is critical to the key business initiatives. Global, for example, relies on a number of enterprise portals to share information and business processes across its global organizational boundaries. Global Cadence is the front-end for over 40 applications and has over 200,000 registered users. Some people are allowed access to more information than others, and this must be provided through a secure online transaction. This runs through all 7 domains which puts it at increased risk for an attack in one or more areas if all are not secured, but in risk you have to weigh the cost and benefit to the issues, the…

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