Global Issues And I : Globalization Essay

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Global Issues and I

Globalization. Some see it as a good thing, others not so much. It is empowering to some, but can be devastating to others. Although the term is relatively new, its meaning goes back to the beginning of humankind. The general meaning of this term is process of interaction and integration among people of the world. This today can be interpreted as communication among nations or people from across the planet. Also this can be seen in the form as present day immigration. This entire process is driven by global trade. It is the power of foreign markets and supply-demand in different nations that pushes globalization on such a large scale. There are signs of it all around us and I see it in my everyday life. The effects of globalization affect my life through my family, school and especially work. To be honest, I do not think I could live without it, I do not think anyone living in a developed country could. I would not even be here, in Canada, attending classes at the university for Windsor to become an engineer without it.

The story of how globalization affected my family and I starts roughly after world war II. Both of my grandparents on my mother 's side of the family were living in Italy at the time of the second world war. Living in poverty my grandfather was drafted into the Italian army at a young age, forced to serve under the Mussolini dictatorship which was allied with the Axis powers at the time. After the Allied occupation of Italy, the war…

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