Global Hunger Research Paper

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The Challenge of Global Hunger and a Possible Solution
In this day and age, the human race has made many important advancements in technology, art, economy, science, society, and many other fields of study. However, many devastating societal problems still remain unsolved. One such issue, perhaps one of the greatest challenges humanity will ever face, is global hunger and starvation. Despite the progression in other areas of civilization, hundreds of millions of people face hunger in our so-called advanced society. Major causes of the problem include uncontrollable natural disasters, the effects of war, economic difficulties, agricultural struggles, unequal distribution of food, food waste, inadequate storage, and an uneven balance of international
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Though this problem is a matter of basic needs, neither the causes nor the solution is simple. Some of these causes, such as natural disasters, are impossible to eliminate. Nevertheless, humanity can easily address the problems of its own creation. On a global scale, enough food is produced to adequately feed every one of the seven billion people on earth, yet nearly 900 million people are hungry (Klubertanz et al. 31). So where does all of the food go? Why are so many people starving when there is enough food for them to be healthy? One reason may be the unfair distribution of food, which seems to be based on wealth rather than the needs of the nation. While hundreds of millions of people are starving, the issue of obesity is also on the rise, specifically in developed countries (Klubertanz et al. 31). These contrasting issues demonstrate the situation in which the wealthiest nations have more food than they need to be healthy while the poorest countries do not even have enough to prevent death from starvation. Food waste is another demonstration of the severely distorted distribution of food. Developed nations, such as the United States and Great Britain, waste almost as much food as sub-Saharan Africa produces (Royte). If all of that wasted food was given to those who need it instead of discarded by those who merely desire it, we would be one step closer to absolute …show more content…
Consequently, the eventual solution to this detrimental dilemma must be equally complex. The only possible way to prevent global hunger from worsening is to end it as soon as possible. If it is not eradicated soon, it will continue to spread like a virus, infecting an even larger percentage of the global population than ever before. In order to achieve the final end to this problem, an organization or council of some sort with delegates objectively representing their nations should be formed and given the responsibility of overseeing the production, distribution, transportation, and consumption of food on a global scale. The long-term goal of the organization would be to ensure the nourishment and livelihood of every human being, regardless of his or her identity. After all, if we are unable to fulfill even the basic needs of our own kind, how can we be expected to make any further improvements in science, technology, art, economics, or

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