Global Human Trafficking : Big Business ( Gale, Cengage Learning )

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“Global human trafficking is big business (Gale, Cengage Learning).” This quote in of itself warrants a deep seated fear and revulsion. But it is also true. Human trafficking is not exactly a new thing; it is as old as humanity itself. That is why Prostitution is considered the world’s oldest profession because it has been around since the birth of humanity. Also, the following sentence quote shows the age of human trafficking. “What may surprise those who think of trafficking as a recent phenomenon, however, is that the introductory quotes are actually from reformers at an international anti-trafficking congress in 1899 (Limonelli).” The 2000 United Nations Trafficking Protocol defines human sex trafficking as: the conscription, movement, relocation, housing by the use of threats, coercion, deceit, abuse of power, use of susceptibility, fraud, kidnapping, or receiving money or benefits to gain a person’s consent to control another person for the reason of exploitation; which is to include the exploitation of prostitution of other individuals or any act of sexual exploitation, or forced labour services (Kara).
Some of the causes that lead to human trafficking include: the Colonial era of the world, poverty, deception, abusive households. The Colonial era of the world allowed for colonial authorities to permit prostitution and sex slavery. The colonizing European ideology is that abstinence while viable for monks and females did not pertain to men (Limonelli). Also,…

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