Global Health Threat Of Antibiotic Resistance Essay

1489 Words Oct 14th, 2014 null Page
“Mommy, I don’t feel well!” Instantaneously after hearing her child’s complaints of feeling ill, the concerned mother rushes her child to the nearest pediatrician in order for her child to receive the finest antibiotics. This magical medicine results in the sick patient miraculously feeling better in a relatively short amount of time. As a whole, society views antibiotics as life-saving measures, which they most certainly can be, as antibiotics effectively treat diseases that previously killed patients. However, too high of a value has been placed on this magical form of healing. While an increased number of adults now understand the horrors of relying too much on antibiotics, too many individuals, especially those younger or from poorer areas, remain unaware of the global health threat of antibiotic resistance. Overall, antibiotics have begun to lose overall effectiveness due to over prescription and the resulting antibiotic resistance, which creates numerous global issues where more harm is done than good after taking antibiotics. The word “antibiotic” literally means against life, which explains antibiotics effectiveness in fighting the troublesome microbes causing sickness. The use of antibiotics stems from Dr. Alexander Fleming’s innovative accidental discovery in 1928 of a mold he called penicillin, which prevented the growth of the staphylococci bacteria. The findings of Dr. Alexander Fleming proved to be both monumental and life changing. Penicillin allowed…

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