Global Guardian Of The International Public Health Organization

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The World Health Organization, also known as W.H.O, is one of the dominant organizations in the world that dedicate themselves to improve individuals and community health across the globe. It is the specialized agency of the United Nation, which direct and coordinate authority for health matters within the system (1). W.H.O is responsible for providing health services and technical support to countries across the globe, promote and coordinate with the international research works on various health issues, monitor and asses health trends as well as to find the solutions for diseases which are difficult to treated (1). It has played an important role as the global guardian of the international public healthcare and international public health policy. According to the World Health Organization, its main goal is to “build a better, healthier future for people all over the world” (2). As a result of its goal, W.H.O has been collaborated with other world health foundations, authorities, governments to protect and secure the highest health quality for all people. Since the creation of organization, the W.H.O has been dealing with many global diseases outbreaks such as Smallpox, Polio, HIV/AIDS, SARS, and Ebola.
One of the most latest global diseases outbreak is Ebola in West Africa. Ebola is a rare disease that caused by the Ebola virus which attack the cell body. It is a negative stranded RNA virus which derived from the Filoviridae family (3). Ebola virus can be transmitted…

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