Global Extinction Essay

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Five times in the history of Earth, mass extinctions of unimaginable death scale almost wiped out most of the life on the planet. The last event occurred 65 million years ago when Earth was impacted by an asteroid killing the dinosaurs and other organisms (70 per cent of the species). The deadliest of these extinction events happened more than 252 million years ago. The event is known as the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event or the “Great Dying” that killed around 90 per cent of all species on Earth. This event was caused by a series of volcanic eruptions that released great amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse into the atmosphere triggering a rapid global warming and climate change. Nowadays, scientists predict that we are …show more content…
In the last 100 years, temperatures have increased only in 1 degree Celsius (a very small number), but 2/3 of that increase have occurred from 1975 until today on an average of .25 degrees per decade. Consequently, each degree we add to our global ecosystem has serious and sometimes irreversible consequences. If we gradually increase 1 or 2 degrees Celsius to the current temperatures, people will start dying, food chain will be cut off and populations will be displaced. In order to stop this chain of events, humans will have to think radically. The solution will be to reduce or even cut emissions to zero by building and transforming our cities into Zero Carbon Emission …show more content…
By using new high technological materials and urban planning, humans can build clean, green and self-sustainable cities. Currently, there are several examples in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America.
In the United Arab Emirates for example; a country connect with the production of fossil fuels, is using its wealth to build Masdar City, an extraordinary project that will run only with renewable energy. More than 95% of the materials use to build this city is recyclable. The city targets are to be the first one with zero carbon, zero waste and fossil fuels free. The ultimate goal of its design is to have the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental impact. Masdar is a City that shows what can be done and set an example for other

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