Essay on Global Economy And Its Effect On The Environment

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In some ways, capitalism has brought the best of times, and the worst of times. We’ve prospered, yet there are billions of people that are still suffering from the negative externalities of our capitalist economy and its effect on the environment. To address the current problems with the economy and the environment, we need to raise consciousness and educate, create and enforce fiscal and regulatory policies on the local and national level, and create international agreements that will lead to a sustainable global economy. We need to raise awareness to major problems such as ethical issues, exponential population growth (the multiplier effect) and the ecological problems causes by it, the feminization of poverty and the importance of educating women. State governments must enact policies such as fiscal (taxing and spending) and regulatory (regulating) to reward individuals that go “green” by switching to renewable energy sources of energy such as wind and solar, and regulate fossil fuel industries. International agreements are crucial because we are experiencing a tragedy of the commons. This earth is our common good and the issues that affect it, such as climate change, are collective action problem.
Educating & Raising Consciousness
Individuals can play a big role in the sustainment of the environment by taking on a homocentric attitude. By thinking on a eco centric and homocentric level, individuals contemplate how their actions affect the local, national and global…

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