The Industrial Revolution In Britain

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While reading chapters one and two in Global Economic History a Very Short Introduction by Robert C. Allen, in chapter three it unfolds the causes for the Industrial Revolution in Britain. It helps the reader understand why the industrial revolution only happened in Britain and no in other places such as Netherlands. However, in chapter four it shows the reader how the rich countries became richer and how the industrial revolution slowly spreads to the other countries. It shows the beginning of banking systems, it explains the new industries and new energy sources. Even though the two chapters are filled with an abundance of great information, I have indicated three main quotes I believe would represent the main idea between both of these chapters
“Moreover, the great achievement of the British Industrial Revolution was that it led to continuous growth so that income compounded to the mass prosperity of today.” (Allen, Page 27) This is one of the main ideas because it is the foundation of the entire chapter, throughout this chapter it is explaining why Britain has become the richest country and how they got there. The technology was an important factor on why Britain became successful at a fast rate, they were able to invent many inventions such as the steam engine. Another factor of the
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This particular reading has explained the Industrial Revolution in Britain, and how they became the richest country, while also explaining the process other countries had in mind when trying to get ahead of Britain in completion, and also explain why the rich countries are still rich and the poorer countries are still poor. This reading is a reading that is very accurate and very interesting while reading this it has taught me a lot of why things happened to countries and why these countries are still in the same place compared to all

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