Global Competition : The Automotive Industry Essay

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The automotive industry in the US faces many challenges over the next century. We will look at where the industry is concerning global competition, new technology, emission effects, government influences, consumer opinions, and where we are headed in this paper.
Global competition:
The automotive industry through the utilization of current technology is set to make great advances. However, the United States automotive industry is taking a hit with more and more foreign automotive companies taking shares of the United States passenger car market. (Press, n.d.) The increasing regulations to emissions, fuel consumption, and alternative automotive power methods away from gasoline are also affecting factors of the automotive global competition. These new technologies being introduced are affecting the production globally of a new generation of vehicles. The ever changing landscape of the automotive industry from production cost, cheaper and new materials, different power sources and fuel the automotive industry is changing rapidly.
New technology:
One of the most notable advances in the automotive industry is the creation of electric vehicles. The electric vehicle was first invented in 1828 by Mr. Anyos Jedlik. He produced an electric motor and created a model car with it. (Wikipedia, Retrieved 2016) In the 21st century more and more interest developed in electric cars and alternative fuel sources due to looming concerns over sustainability and the environment. There have been…

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