Global Climate Change Policy Of The United States Essay

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The world is starting to reach a tipping point with regard to global climate change. In fact, “several studies have suggested that temperature stabilization at or below 2 degrees C above pre-industrial temperatures should be the goal of climate change policy. Warming above this level would likely cause large areas of the Greenland Ice Sheet to melt, would put the West Antarctic Ice Sheet at substantial risk, and would cause widespread disruption to global ecosystems and the hydrologic cycle.” (Moore, 2009) Therefore, the U.S. decision to sign the bilateral agreement with China, another large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, will not only have positive effects for the U.S. but the world. While science is not indisputable not only will the failure to act on climate change pose a far greater risk than science based policies but will also raise a debate over ethics and morality of individual and nations who seek to cooperate in an effort to ameliorate climate change. The Obama administration has taken the lead as chief legislature in adopting the terms of the very ambitious Paris Agreement but not without great consideration of both beneficial and possibly detrimental effects.
Despite the overwhelming evidence confirming anthropogenic climate change deterrents continue to argue that there is still an open debate on the subject. However, the real debate only lies in the political realm. Conservatives refuse to make policy action on climate change resolutions while large…

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