Essay on Global Climate Change Is A Real And Serious Issue

792 Words Jun 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Majority of the educated population, agrees to some extent that global climate change is a real and serious issue. The evidence that has been gathered for decades from various organizations, to include the ICCP and NASA are endless. In the past, the debate was whether global climate change was a real phenomenon and whether humans were the sole purpose of the cause. Unfortunately these debates are still covered through social media sources, such as Fox News and CNN. Presently, these type of debates over whether global climate change and its direct correlation to human induced activities has ceased to continue to a certain extent. Rather, social media are covering more in-depth analysis on the detrimental effects of the increase of greenhouse gases, to include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, water vapor, and chlorofluorocarbons, as well as answering how the increasing global temperatures are affecting the world.

Now that we have reached a common consensus from scientist in various fields, it is time to raise awareness to the world in a manner that will raise consciousness and active support. It seems as though the scare tactics, by depicting the rising sea levels, retreating ice sheets and glaciers, endangered animals, extreme weather patterns, deforestation, food scarcity, pollution, increase in surface and water temperature worldwide, etc, is not alarming enough for a large portion of people living predominantly in the developed countries. Bill Nye and many…

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