Global Citizenship Reflection

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We live in a world of cultural diversity; where thousands of people from all around the world get together in one nation. The power of global citizenship education, is that it educates the citizens how to be active members in our community. They learn to develop awareness, caring, and embrace differences in order to promote social justice, sustainability, equality, and live together in harmony. Global citizenship education, guides individuals to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed, to contribute to developing a peaceful world. My personal belief on global citizenship, is that each person has their own responsibilities as citizens. We have the power to change our world by acquiring the knowledge to build awareness of the earth we live in, and understand that we are all interconnected, despite our differences. Therefore, we must respect each other, and manage our daily actions, decisions, and attitude, in order to contribute to creating a peaceful, sustainable, and equal world for all of us.
After reading the article “A model of global citizenship”, (Reysen, 2013) I was able to analyze the outcomes of global citizenship as they pertain to the
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I remember all of my friends acquiring different culture; there was a variance, from the way they dressed, to the food they ate, to the way they perceived life. But despite the difference we each had, we were the greatest of friends. One of my best friends from college, was from Haiti, and I learned so much about her, as she learned a lot from me. It was experiences that truly shaped who I am today. I can see myself being placed in a room full of people from all around the country, and because of my past experiences, and encounters with different cultures; I will feel comfortable, trying to learn the most I can from others; and all thanks to the education I have gotten throughout my

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