Global Business Case Study Essay

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Global Business Case Study – ALDI
Executive Summary
This report will discuss the nature of ALDI, investigate the classification of ALDI, outline the responsibilities ALDI has to its stakeholders and explore the internal and external influences that have contributed to ALDI achieving business success within Australia. It will also evaluate the expansion of ALDI into Australia and give a recommendation of strategies that would be appropriate for ALDI to ensure future growth.
The nature of ALDI’s business
ALDI is an international “cut-price” grocery company that has been operating for over 50 years first opening in Germany (ALDI, about ALDI Australia); ALDI opened its first store in Australia in January 2001 and now has over 300
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The main objective for ALDI’s expansion into Australia is to develop its operations and advance to compete with greater opponents such as Woolworths and Coles. ALDI aims to further expand ALDI within Australia to grasp consumers’ away from industry competitors.
Strategies to ensure future growth
ALDI should consider possible strategies to enable them to sustain and control future growth within Australia. A possible strategy could be merging or forming a partnership with other businesses. By ALDI doing so it would sustain and guarantee growth but also ensure that ALDI does not grow too rapidly.
Another potential strategy could be adapting to new technology available. An example of this would be using self-serve checkouts. The advantage of bringing in new technology is that it allows consumers to have a personalized shopping experience. By adapting to the technology accessible it would ensure future growth for ALDI.
In conclusion ALDI have successfully expanded their retail store into Australia and are continuing to further grow their company. ALDI are a successful firm that promise high quality products for low prices, ALDI have added a large contribution to the Australian grocery market and are continuing to pursue further growth.

Global Case Study- Sonic Healthcare
Executive Summary
This report will investigate the

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