Essay about Global Burden Of Alcohol Use Disorders

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1.1 Global burden of alcohol use disorders
Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) comprise a range of conditions related to excessive alcohol consumption and is recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a distinct disorder; with hazardous drinking, harmful drinking and dependent drinking reflecting progressively more serious forms of the condition (Box 1.1) (Reid et al., 1999). AUDs are the third leading risk factor for premature deaths and disabilities in the world accounting directly for 3.8% of global deaths and 4.6% of global disability-adjusted life years (DALY) (WHO, 2010a). A large proportion of this burden of disease is due to neuropsychiatric disorders, un-intentional injuries, liver cirrhosis, and cardiovascular diseases (Rehm et al., 2009). AUDs account for 9·6% (95% CI 7·7–11·8) of DALYs caused by all mental and substance use disorders, ahead of severe mental disorders like schizophrenia (7·4%; 95% CI 5·0–9·8) and bipolar disorder (7·0%; 95% CI 4·4–10·3) (Whiteford et al., 2013). Furthermore, amongst all mental and substance use disorders, AUD are the largest contributor to premature mortality with 44·4% (95% CI 29·1–60·0) of Years of Life Lost (YLL) to mental and substance use disorder attributable to them (Whiteford et al., 2013). Finally, alcohol use is one of the five leading risk factors for adult chronic disease, especially cardiovascular diseases and cancers (Lim et al., 2013). However, the large costs of AUDs to societies are not limited only to…

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