Global Aviation, And Making The Aviation Industry Essay

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This literature review is looking at the problem with the future of global aviation, and making the aviation industry more competitive, increasing profitability and reviewing sustainability. It is important because the aviation industry has seemed to have times of success, but also times of struggle. The problem is best summarized by “Mr Bisignani said that the time had come to chart a long-term strategy for the industry to break out of its constant cycle of 'feast and famine ' which had caused it to lose some US$50 billion in the 2001-2010 decade” (Sreenivasan, 2011). Solving the problem would result in improved profitability to the aviation industry and sustainable.
Literature Review
Previous research in this area has shown areas for potential improvement include research into; sustainability, future technologies, law and policy changes, and how aviation changing on a global scales drives the need for both partnerships on a global scale, but also being competitive as individual aviation business entities.
Pros from sources include initiatives showing not just the private sector, but also government agencies are actively generating and monitoring progress. This includes “While the Department of Transportation (DOT) is not required to implement the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (FAAC) recommendations, DOT and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have taken actions on the 10 FAAC recommendations that GAO [General Accountability Office]…

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