Glo-Bus Statistical Review Quiz 1 Essay

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GLO-BUS Statistical Review QUIZ 1
Click below link for Answer CLICK HERE 1) The company maintains a production facility in a. Japan b. The United States c. China d. German e. Taiwan

2) The company’s shipment of digital cameras to retailers in various foreign countries are subject to f. All these g. Export fees equal to $20 per camera and exchange rate adjustment h. Import duties imposed by the countries to which the cameras are shipped i. Potential delays due it dockworker strikes at the port of entry

3) Which of the following is not an accurate description of the market for
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In the most recent year, the current productivity of the assembly teams was 2,500 cameras per quarter or 10,000 per year. Some of the cameras are outsourced from contract assemblers that are paid a $25 fee for each camera assembled. ~. The company assembles entry-level cameras in-house using components that are made by a subsidiary, multi- featured cameras are outsourced from contract suppliers and are made to company specifications. . About 75% of the cameras are assembled in-house by 4-person teams using company-produced components. In-house assembly averages $3.50 per camera. About 25% of the cameras are outsourced from nearby camera assembly companies that are paid $3.75 per camera assembled. Most of the cameras outsourcing occurs in Quarter 3 of each year when retailer demand is at its peak. . The company makes most all of its camera components in-house and assembles cameras on a 100-person assembly line at the rate of 2,000 per hour. Assembly cost is $2 per camera. . About 80% of the cameras are assembled in-house using components sourced from outside suppliers: company assembly occurs evenly across all four quarters at the rate of 20% per quarter. The remaining 20% are outsourced from nearby contract assemblers during the peak holiday season fourth quarter when camera buying is at its peak.

8) The options that a company has for assembling enough cameras to meet peak-

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