GlaxoSmithKline In China CaseAnalysis Essay

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GlaxoSmithK in China: Case Analysis
Abubakarr S. Jalloh (A.J)
University of Maryland University College
AMBA 660.9040
January 23, 2015
Professor Mohamed Ezz, MD

Joseph Nathan was a businessman in New Zeeland who conducted business on mainly imports and exports. In 1904, Joseph attained the rights to produce dried up milk which was later sold as baby food called Glaxo. GlaxoSmithKline got its name in the early 1990’s after Glaxo a pharmaceutical firm created in New Zeeland merged with SmithKline, which was also a Pharmaceutical, firm in the United Kingdom. Several years after the merger, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) became one of the largest drug manufacturers around, with an estimate of $22.5 billion in global sales and
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If I were Mark Reilly, I would have first made a press release immediately after the bribery scandal broke. This is a way to show that we in no way condone any such actions taking by the four employees. Also would have talk to an auditing team to perform monthly audits on all our transactions for the region I am control off. This can help in us keeping track of any ethical misconduct happening and shows hoe hard we are will to work to elevate the issue at hand. Bribing happens in all aspects of business that go unnoticed but it does not make it right. This leads to certain companies getting a competitive advantage over the companies who are doing the right thing. GSK was treated fairly in this bribery case in China. The individuals who omitted the crime where arrested and are going to ay for what they did. The company knew the cultural difference and policies in place. Although the GSK itself as a whole was not the sole perpetrator of the crime, the individuals who committed the crime where high level executive of the company. In this case the company is the one to suffer any backlash for all outlets. The reason being all in all, GSK is at fault because who they hire is a representation of the company as a whole. The amount of money that was spent of bribing the physicians and officials was such a large amount of money that someone in the company should have noticed and try to fix the issue before it turned into a scandal. GSK should have more

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