Glass Castle by Jenette Walls Essay examples

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Wall’s Parents Philosophy on Life

The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls reveals one look into a dysfunctional family. This personal memoir is full of lessons of redemption and reliance for all. Jeannette and her siblings thrived with parents whose beliefs and stubborn ways of life, changed their children’s’ lives forever. Though their parent’s dreadful actions, the children tried to fend for them. Rex, a very brilliant man, when sober and Rose Mary, an inspirational artist, when not a panhandler risked their own lives daily. Even though Rex and Rose Mary’s lives were unstable at times, they would instill lessons into their children. Their philophies in life I believe relied on one another, which taught their children some
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The horrible childhood Jeanette lived made her a much stronger human being in the end. Rose Mary transpired one event of abusive actions, which lead the result of her actions to tumble upon her children. This event is known as, the chocolate incident, where Rose Mary hid candy. She was so ignorant of not sharing any with her starving children. The consequence of her actions, forced her children to scrounge the house for food. In the very beginning of the memoir, Jeannette is so hungry that she hopes that her mother realizes that she hasn’t had anything to eat for hours. Her mom ignores her child, which Jeannette then takes it upon her own shoulders to cook herself a hotdog. When her mom sees that Jeanette is preforming the task, she is so delighted of her daughter’s actions. Even though Jeannette’s father comes home drunk some evenings he shows through one strenuous lesson about self-reliance. One late evening, he wakes his children up to tell them they are leaving their home. While packing they are only allowed to bring the needed essentials. The most important items to Rex, was an iron skillet, a Dutch oven, plates, knives and his pistol. Rose Mary immediately starts to dig in the back yard, for some money that she hid awhile back. One of the items that was most important to Jeannette was her black mutt, Juju. After a few days of traveling, Jeannette’s father abandons the dog. Jeannette is in total disbelief

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