Gladiator Argumentative Analysis

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Over the past month I have observed many interesting arguments that have caught my attention through the diversity of everyone’s opinion. The first argument that caught my eye was between my sister and her boyfriend about the plot in the movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. The argument that they were trying to settle was, if they were in the actor’s shoes and their family was crucified by the emperor of Rome, would you want to kill the emperor for his doing or kill is his family so he can feel the same pain as Russell Crowe did. The second argument that I came across hearing was with my friend and his mom about him going to college or not; both sides of the arguments held on to their own opinion with determination. As for the last argument …show more content…
My cousin’s claim is that his parents have just recently left him alone by himself and he had no ability to call anyone for help if something was to happen, but he inputs that he wants one because all of his friends have on. His father then concluded that he understand where he is coming from, but explains that he is usually there with them and not alone but that one time. Knowing my rhetorical appeals I realized that the logos found in my cousin’s argument makes logical sense because what if he has to be home alone again and something happens, he will not be able to get a hold of anyone. I also found pathos in the 12-year-olds side when he says that he wants to be like all his friends that have phones. I found that his feelings were hurt because he thinks that he will eventually get made fun of for not having one. I can see how the fallacy bandwagon comes into play because it is the popular thing to have when you are kid so he wants to fit in. As finding the fallacy in the work, I could not find a bias that went directly or partially with this argument. However, I find that argument was most effective with using the rhetorical appeal, logos, because my cousin’s argument was very strong on supporting his own opinion. As a whole, a believe that his father had more weaknesses than his son because he did not have a strong foundation to go off

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