Glacial Melting : Cause, Effect, And Solution Essay

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Glacial Melting – Cause, Effect, and Solution
People and animals around the world need clean water year-round to drink and to use for growing crops and vegetation. Increased glacial melting is one casualty of global warming, which is caused by increased greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases, and ozone (, 2013;NASA, 2015), which tend to absorb infrared radiation (i.e. heat) that was emitted by the earth’s surface, which would have otherwise gone out to space (Professor Arnott, W. P , personal communication). A glacier is made up of fallen snow, which over many years compresses into thickened ice masses and are unique, in the fact that they can move or flow like very slow rivers (NSIDC, 2015). Glaciers are a critical element in the ecological systems around the world which in some regions are the only sources of clean water (Professor Arnott, W. P, personal communication, June 26, 2015; Barnett, Adam, & Lettenmaier, 2005; p. 303., Ming et al., 2015, p. 2). Glaciers are also essential to the global ecological systems because of the ability to reflect sunlight or radiate heat into space, which helps provide a cooling method for the earth; as the molecules absorb, they also emit infrared radiation which comes back to the earth and causes the earth to heat up (Professor Arnott, W. P, personal communication, June 26, 2015). The glaciers reflective properties are also being diminished due to an increased black carbon…

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