Give Birth To A Baby Speech

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Good morning everyone. (How many girls are here; can you raise up your hand?)
Here the second question comes, have you ever considered to give birth to a baby?
For me, my family are traditional, so they told me I must give birth to a baby after marriage since secondary school. I actually feel bad because of this. As I don't like children at all. I believe most of you will marry and become dad/ mum later on. Whether to give birth to a baby or not is both the responsibility of man and women. This is a problem that all of you will and must face in future.
I have watched many tv programmes and read news about the controversy on whether it is a must that women should give birth to a baby. According to the research of the Hong Kong women's Federation,
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The first point is that women should have their own freedom and choice. What I mean is, I actually do not oppose to give birth to a baby, if women themselves are willing to do so. The problem is, sometimes they are not. My mum is a good example. She told me that my grandma forced her to have one more boy after giving birth to me and my sister. She was depressed and stress at that time until my dad said "no" to my grandma because both of them only want to have 2 children. Betty Ford has said that "I have an independent streak. You know, it's kind of hard to tell an independent woman what to do." Which shows that every woman is an individual, they have their right to make their own choice, and they know what they want to do. For example, they may have a plan on the age that they want to have baby and the number of it. Actions that interfere their freedom are not necessary and acceptable. Freedom is a basic right to everybody, no one has the right to abuse right of

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