Girls on Boys Sports Teams Essay

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“Oh, man, look guys, they’ve got a girl on their team…” “Ah, man, again? I hate playing against girls. I always feel like I’m going to hurt them.” “Just don’t think about it, dude. Go up against her like she’s just another player.” “Okay boys, watch out for the girl on their team. If she’s playing with the guys team, she’s gotta be good.”
Countless times, my teammates and I would watch a girl walk on to the field for the other team and start warming up. Instantly, stereotypes were made, and probably to many peoples’ surprise, they were in her favor. Any girl playing on a guy’s team has to be highly skilled, so we tried our hardest not to take her lightly. We did our best to keep this mentality in our minds during the
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If you let girls on boys team, you would have to let boys on girls teams, which would almost never happen because, again, people would see that as unfair. There has to be a double standard. But, one school district in Pennsylvania knows what they’re doing. Recently, there were two boys that tried out for the girls volleyball team because there wasn’t a boys volleyball team, and they were allowed on the team because the equality laws go both ways. This is one of the very first times in the country that this has been allowed. Despite the laws, some advocates against the boys playing are claiming that them playing on the team disrupts the game because the girls don’t feel comfortable going up against boys at the net. Again, this goes both ways. Out on the football field, a 300 pound lineman wouldn’t hit a 250 pound running back who was a boy the same way he would hit a 125 pound girl. Since laws have been passed to allow girls to play on boys teams, the law should also go the other way, which no one would like. By the time graduation comes around, on average, there is a considerable deviation in size between the boys and girls. According to a study, an 18 year old boy is about 4 inches

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