Girls Are Becoming More Violent Essay

804 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
According to the author girls are becoming more violent in the 21st Century. Not fitting traditional good girl getting good grades stereotype, however girls have been on the rise in the delinquency area. In today’s society girls have found the need to join gangs for the same reasons as boys. I believe these reasons rage from growing up in foster care being moved from home to home to having a single mom living in a high crime rate area of the city. Girls have now decided they need to protect their self at all times and decides to carry guns, knives and having razor blade in their mouth for protection. Girls also have a high percentage of run away from home they are on the streets and introduced into a high violent crime life. This high violence consists of prostitution, drugs and alcohol for a life of survival for young girls. I believe that the statements are accurate in stating the behavior of girls has gotten out of control in the 21st century. The author state crime went up to 41% in 1978-1988 with women. That is women who have also had kids while living a life of crime and in and out of jail, having family members or foster parents raise their kids. Now we are in 2015 with a generation of girls wanting to live the life the author states of Aleysha chose to live. According to the author Aleysha wanted name brand clothing and jewelry and decides to live a life of stealing to look good. One day Aleysha will get caught and go to jail or prison and she will be introduced…

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