Girls And Boys On Deck By Michela Musto Essay

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Additionally, the gender switch would generate far-reaching effects in terms of relationship, and it is that that will place everyone on equal grounds. In Athletes in the Pool, Girls and Boys on Deck by Michela Musto capture a little bit of what society would look like if everything was classified based on the capacities on an individual. Musto in her article finds that athletes did not associate swimming with gender. When talking about racing swimmers, Cody stated “It doesn’t matter . . . it’s just, like, the same thing’ if he loses to a girl or a boy” (206), referring to the fact that it did not matter who he lost to because at the end what is really valued are the swimmers abilities. Therefore, this is an example of what friendships would look like in the new world, just like the swimmers everyone would be able to swim, yet the different times would be the individual characteristics that highlight their abilities. Individuals would make friends based on their abilities and not based on their gender, allowing people to belong to different groups without being judge.
There would also be a huge differences in regards to intimate relationships. In Thinking About Gender and Power in Marriage, Veronica Juris Tichenor argues that in Western societies, gender is embedded deeply into society, and therefore, for a man to have a wife that makes more money represents a threat to his gender identity (412). Based on the finding we can see how society privileged men, and instead of…

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