Girl Stolen Book Report

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Girl stolen is about a 16 year-old girl named Cheyenne Wilder who is blind and is kidnapped by someone who is trying to steal her step mom’s brand-new Cadillac Escalade. She was left in the car by herself because her step mom went into the store to go get Cheyenne antibiotics for her pneumonia. The guy steals that steals the car, Griffin, doesn’t realize that Cheyenne is in the car until they are on the freeway, far away from where the car was parked. Cheyenne is freaked out and just wants to be let out of the car. Later, they get to Griffin’s property and Cheyenne stays in the car while Griffin talks to another guy named Roy. By the sound of their argument, Roy is Griffin’s father and has a bad temper. At first he is very angry at Griffin …show more content…
They start walking in the direction of the road when Griffin steps in an animal’s den hole and twists his ankle. The pain is too horrible to bear and he decided he can’t hop two more miles to the road. He sends Cheyenne in the general direction of the road and tells her to come find him when she finds someone to help her. She hears a rustling and then hides behind a tree, just in case it’s one of the kidnappers. Then she hears “It’s the police. Freeze.” Later, the police officer leads her back to his car and what she smells is not the police, it’s Roy. She searches him for a cell phone but then instead finds a gun, and shoots him. She orders him to get out of the car, or she’ll shoot him again. He does what he’s told, and then tries to get back in the car just in time for Cheyenne to lock the doors. As Cheyenne calls 9-1-1, she starts to drive the car slowly as Roy pounds on the windows. Eventually, the real police catch up with her and get her back to safety. Meanwhile, Griffin is laying in the middle of the woods when he hears recognizable voices: TJ and Jimbo’s. As anybody who is in the middle of the woods and needs help, he yells for them to come help

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