Girl Rising By Richard E. Robbins Essay

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Everyone deserves an education, but for some in the developing world, especially girls, it is hard to even get into a classroom, due to the opposition from those who believe a girl 's place is in the home, not the classroom. The 2013 documentary Girl Rising by Richard E. Robbins states, “There are 33 million less girls in primary school worldwide than boys.” Girl Rising tells the stories of nine girls varying in ages throughout the developing world who only want to learn or where school saved their lives. Richard E. Robbins the director of the film, uses famous celebrities to tell these stories in hope to reach people all over the world in order to raise awareness and money to girls’ educations worldwide. Mr. Robbins film produces a concerned or worried tone throughout the documentary which intrigued the viewer to pay full attention to the film. Mr. Robbins uses lots of textual strategies in the form of statistics and interesting facts, as well as audio strategies such as the celebrity voice over and visual strategies such as video of real events that happened in these countries. Richard E. Robbins was researching a similar topic when he stumbled on a study about educating girls. He never imaged that Girl Rising would become as big as it has. The film focus on nine different girls from all over the world who have had to fight or are still fighting to earn their right to be in a classroom bettering themselves. Sokha, Wadley, Suma, Yasmin, Asmera,
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