Essay about Gilgamesh : Man Vs. Immortal

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Gilgamesh: Man vs. Immortal What does it mean to be immortal? Most people assume that ‘immortality’ is distinguished by a person living forever, or an undying entity beyond the limitations of death. But why would anyone really want this kind of immortality? The very concept seems to only appear in works of fiction, and most individuals don’t recognize that immortality can come with a hefty price. This is the very case when taking into account one of the oldest literary works in the world, the epic poem of Gilgamesh. The hero, Gilgamesh, achieved immortality in death, and although it was not in the traditional sense, his presence became immortal through literature and history. Throughout the story, Gilgamesh was recognized to be the greatest man within the kingdom of Uruk. Being two thirds god and one third man, his strength was beyond compare to any other counterpart. While he did seem to be wise in some aspects, his pride would usually get in the way when it came down to making certain decisions. With this, however, came a dire need to be remembered, which ultimately drove Gilgamesh to treat his people unfairly, and at times, with vulgarity. He worked his people ferociously, took men to fight long, treacherous battles, took children from their families to work for him, and, had a habit of sleeping with any woman he chose, specifically on their wedding night. However, Gilgamesh did mature over time. After meeting Enkidu, their friendship helped Gilgamesh see…

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