Gilgamesh and Sohrab and Rostam Essay

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In the epics "Gilgamesh" and "The Tragedy of Sohrab and Rostam", the two heroes, Gilgamesh and Rostam, both have to deal with a loss of the most precious person in their lives. Gilgamesh loses his friend and companion, Enkidu, and Rostam loses his son, Sohrab. They have different types of relationships with their loved ones and therefore react to the situations in different ways. Gilgamesh loses his best friend and companion, Enkidu, in his epic. Before Enkidu is created and the relationship begins, Gilgamesh is a tyrant ruler of his kingdom. The Gods do not like the way Gilgamesh is conducting himself and create Enkidu to appease Gilgamesh. Enkidu goes to stop Gilgamesh, and in the struggle Gilgamesh barley comes to be
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He also asks Rostam three times who he is, and all three times Rostam denies his name. "…Aren't you the pahlavan Rostam?" (916). Rostam tricks Sohrab with his answer. He also tricks the young, inexperienced Sohrab when Sohrab takes him down, but he tells him in order to kill a man in battle, he must be taken down twice, and Sohrab stupidly lets him up. "Whoever in a wrestling match first throws his adversary to the ground…may not cut off his head…but if he fells him twice he's earned that right." (917).
In the third and final battle Rostam fatally wounds Sohrab. When he finds out that the person he killed is his son, he loses his composure. He rants and cries and can't believe what he's done. He orders special robes to be put on his son's body. He then takes his son's body to be buried.
In conclusion, both stories are similar in one aspect. In both stories, the two were enemies first, and then by a twist of fate, had love for each other. In Rostam's case, he never had the chance to exploit his newfound love for his son died moments later. While Gilgamesh is able to goes on many adventures with Enkidu and is able to enjoy his time with him until Enkidu's death.

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