Gilbert Assessment Essay

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Community Health and Population Focused Nursing
Community Assessment
Western Governor’s University
Mary Piersanti

Identification of Community
The city of Gilbert, AZ lies southeast of the metropolitan area of Phoenix, AZ. Gilbert has a population of 229,972 residents. The city of Gilbert is in the county of Maricopa. Land area is
43 square miles with approximately 5,354 residents per square mile. The metro area of Phoenix,
AZ (including Gilbert and it’s other suburban areas) is known for the hot desert climate. Average temperatures are 80-100 degrees, with greater than 300 days per year of sunshine. With less than 10” rainfall annually, the area is considered to be arid.
Summary of Tools, Description of Selected Community and
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59.5% of residents over the age of 15 are married. 27.3% have never been married.
9.1% are divorced. Separated and widowed citizens comprise 4.1% of the population.
There are three hospitals in Gilbert, one hospice company, two home health companies, three dialysis companies, and one physical therapy company.
The median household income in Gilbert is above state average, unemployed percentage is below state average, length of stay since moving in is below state average, house age below state average, and the percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree or higher is significantly above the state average, making Gilbert a young, upwardly mobile community that is a great place to live and enjoys a higher standard of living and good health overall. The homeless population in Gilbert, AZ is very low.
Air quality in Gilbert is good. The City of Phoenix and Maricopa County do not fare as well, however. Statistic brain reports that Phoenix is at Number 8 of major American cities with the worst air pollution. Water quality in the City of Gilbert is good presently, but has been cited for deficiencies in the past, according to the Gilbert City website.
Neighborhood /Community Safety Inventory
According to FBI statistics, the city of Gilbert, AZ is rated as the safest city in the
State of Arizona. Gilbert boasts a well-funded and active police and fire department.
Neighborhood watch programs are in effect in many

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