Gifted And Talented Students: Gifted And Talented Students

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There has to be reporting back, to inform on the learning progress, either by pupils work or by hearing them speak. Learning needs can be assessed by periodically checking with assessment tools like questioning, walking around the room to find out the progress, standardised tests, marking the books, feedback, homework, etc. Assessments are also a way of reflecting ‘with the aim to improve learning and performance’ (new2teaching, 2015)
According to the school policies, there is a homework timetable to be followed and home works are given on the topics covered and are assessed to inform their learning on the topics covered. Also tests are conducted at the end of every module, which informs the students’ progress. The tests are marked and reported
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“Differentiating curriculum to meet the needs of our talented students is critical for developing a stimulating learning environment.” (edutopia, 2015). In my opinion, learning can be active or passive. Active learning is when pupils are encouraged to be more independent learners through activities, problem solving and investigational works. In passive learning there is more of talking. The learners reflect on their learning by hearing and seeking clarifications. In my opinion, gifted and talented students are active …show more content…
Gifted and talented students are identified from their test scores, other teachers’ observations, and the student’s response towards the activities, their parents view and on their primary school reports (Identifying Gifted and talented students, 2008). In my opinion, such students aspire for more challenges else the learning gets monotonous and they seem to lose interest in their learning. There are provisions within school’s infrastructure and subject department to support students like maths challenge club, maths clinic and puzzle clubs, etc. where the students meet and are given different challenges to support their intellectual

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