Gift Of The Holy Spirit Essay

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Gift of the Holy Spirit
Do you remember when you first became a Christian? How did you feel? Empowered, excited, energized? Over the years, have you felt like that emotional high has been dragging? Do you feel like that enthusiasm that you once could barely contain is now difficult to find once again? Maybe coming to church on a Sunday morning has become more of a routine than something you look forward to. The things that brought you joy no longer do so in the same way. Maybe fellowship with other Christians isn’t as inspiring or even worth your time any more.
Maybe this is because your health has been shaky. Due to sickness or pain, it has become difficult to feel any joy at all. Or maybe this is because you’ve experienced some sort of loss- whether it was a loved one, or a job, or a relationship. We read in the Bible and hear it preached over and over again that joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit, but you just don’t feel like that gift pertains to your life anymore.
Maybe you are thinking: maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was an illusion. Maybe this whole thing about Christianity is a bluff. Maybe it doesn’t really mean anything in the end or maybe this whole Christian thing just did not really work for me. Maybe all of those Christian promises of God’s grace that I’ve heard about just don’t apply to me and my life and my situation.
When Jesus was preparing himself to go to the cross, he knew that the disciples soon would experience something like this feeing.…

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